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UK version of Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular games that have attracted many people who are interested in luck based games rather than that of skill based games. This game has become one of the favourite games in few places like UK and US.
There are few differences between the UK version and the US version of Bingo. UK bingo is commonly known with the name ‘Housie’. One should remember that there are few differences in the game play while the main objective is same.
Two major differences in the UK version of Bingo are the way the numbers are called and the Bingo card. UK bingo card is made up of 27 blocks with 9 horizontal spaces and 3 vertical spaces. The numbers are used up to 90. Each space in the card has the numbers represented in a random order.
The first column uses numbers from 1 to 9, the second uses the numbers from 10 to 19, third from 20 to 29 and this continues till the ninth column which uses the numbers from 80 to 90. In ever horizontal row, there are 4 spaces with 5 numbers. It means that every Bingo card has 15 numbers that are presented in a random order.
The win format of the UK Bingo is different. Here are few types of winning patterns that are used in UK:
Line: If a horizontal row with 5 numbers is covered, then it is said that the line is finished.
Two lines: If the numbers in any 2 lines is covered, then the player is said to have completed 2 lines on the bingo card.
Full house: If the player has covered all the numbers in the card, then he is said to have won the full house.
Regardless with these differences, the main objective of the game is same. The caller calls the numbers and the players daub them on the bingo cards.
This game of Bingo is quite popular in churches and social clubs. Try out Bingo and have fun. Good luck!!

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